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Act II

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Act II - The Secret of the Vizjerei follows the protagonist through the Rogue Monastery mountain pass and across the great Aranoch, reaching Lut Gholein in order to stop the Dark Wanderer from freeing Baal, who is buried under the sands.


Lut Gholein, the jewel of the desert.

Hitching with Warriv's caravan, the player finds himself in Lut Gholein, and starts to try and piece together where the Dark Wanderer might have gone to find Baal.

The player helps the local community by killing Radament in the city Sewers, and finds a Horadric Scroll that tells how to create a Horadric Staff, the key to Tal Rasha's Chamber, the last "resting" place of the powerful Horadrim mage, Tal Rasha.

The rest of the Act involves finding the pieces of the staff, combining them and reaching the Tomb of Tal Rasha before the Dark Wanderer.

Our protagonist also has to combat Claw Vipers, who for some reason manage to hide the sun from the Aranoch (possibly world wide, effects are unknown).

A cold enhanced Duriel.

When the hero has found all the pieces, including a Horadric Cube to join them all together, Jerhyn admits there is trouble in the Palace - a demonic invasion. It seems related to The Summoner (the Sorcerer from Diablo I), and the hero continues to the Arcane Sanctuary and kills him, finding a way to the Tomb of Tal Rasha through it.

Arriving at the Tomb, Baal has already been freed by the Wanderer, and Duriel (Act II boss), a Great Evil, is left to guard it (it's speculated he was ordered to do such a lowly job as punishment by the Prime Evils for acting against them during the Dark Exile.

Defeating Duriel, and continuing in to the main chamber, Tyrael is found captive inside the tomb, who tells of what has happened, and urges the player to continue to Kurast, and Act III.


The second Act is a shorter length one with 19 total levels, but has a whooping 18 additional levels that are part of other levels (like Tal Rasha's Tomb Level 2-7 etc).

However, it's the only act which requires the player to finish several dungeons (to complete the staff) in order to finish the act. The other acts really only requires the player to finish the Act bosses.


Fara, the local ex-Paladin blacksmith.
Jerhyn, outside the Palace.

Most of the Act II NPCs are found in the city of Lut Gholein. Only Tyrael is found outside of it, at the end of the Act, besides the Arcane Tome and corpses of guards found scattered in the desert.


Quests-a2-q1.gif Quests-a2-q2.gif Quests-a2-q3.gif
Quests-a2-q4.gif Quests-a2-q5.gif Quests-a2-q6.gif

  1. Radament's Lair
  2. The Horadric Staff
  3. Tainted Sun
  4. Arcane Sanctuary
  5. The Summoner
  6. The Seven Tombs

Most of the quests are directly related to the progression of the story, and a lot more quests are mandatory compared to other Acts. The only mystery quest is Tainted Sun, which storywise might just be the Claw Vipers helping Diablo delay the hero, or might be related to something else completely.

Since we don't know the exact effects the Dark Wanderer has on the world around him, it's hard to know for sure.