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Dry Hills

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The Dry Hills level is the second desert area of wilderness in Act II and contains the entrance to the Halls of the Dead, used for The Horadric Staff quest.


Diablo II Level Info [e]
Dry Hills.jpg
Dry Hills
Norm Night Hell
Area lvl 15 44 76
Saber Cat, Spear Cat, Undead Scavenger, Cave Leaper
3 3 3
Yes Yes Yes
No No No
Gold-chest No
Waypoint Yes
Rocky Waste, Halls of the Dead, Far Oasis
Quests The Horadric Staff (in Halls of the Dead)

There are two major uses for the Dry Hills. First the fact that the entrance to the Halls of the Dead is located on this level, but there is also the first wilderness-placed waypoint here. There is also a second waypoint on the second level of the Halls of the Dead.

In the Halls you will find the Horadric Cube, so if you can survive in the dungeon, you should try to do that first, as the cube will give you more inventory space for future adventuring.

Level Information

Notable Characters

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