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Arcane Sanctuary

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The Arcane Sanctuary can be found through a portal on the lowest level of the Palace Cellar in Act II.


Diablo II Level Info [e]
Arcane Sanctuary.jpg
Arcane Sanctuary
Norm Night Hell
Area lvl # # #
Hell Clan, Ghoul Lord, Specter, Lightning Spire, Flying Scimitar
4 4 4
Fill out Fill out Fill out
The Summoner (mlvl 18) The Summoner (mlvl 65) The Summoner (mlvl 80)
Gold-chest Fill out
Waypoint Yes
Palace Cellar, Canyon of the Magi
Quests None

The Arcane Sanctuary was created by the powerful mage Horazon. Drognan informs us he supposedly built it after his brother's demise when he went mad and disappeared from the Vizjerei.

Drognan: The tomb of Horazon...the Arcane Sanctuary...

Portal to the Arcane Sanctuary from the Palace Cellar.

The Sanctuary itself only has one "level", but is massive. It consists of platforms suspended in mid-air (or perhaps the ethereal plane) that stretches out in four directions from where you enter it through the portal. Each section has its own peculiarities, such as strangely connected staircases, a maze of portals or other oddities.

At the very end of one of these sections you will find The Summoner, the Sorcerer from Diablo I that also became mad, and has taken up residence in the Arcane Sanctuary. When he is killed, you'll be informed just which of the 7 tombs you should enter in the Canyon of the Magi by looking at which rune is missing from around the platform of The Summoner where there are only 6 runes. The direction he is located on is always random, just like most levels in Diablo II, so just pick a direction, and go on. Even when the summoner is killed, you can go back to other parts of the level and clear it for experience and treasure.

It's in fact one of the best areas in Act II for gaining levels, equipment, and gold, the enemies here in the Arcane Sanctuary will give any player a challenge. The three other branches end in treasure rooms, which also helps.

There is a waypoint here, just as you enter the Sanctuary, and if you don't take it, you'll be sorry later. This level can involve a LOT of running.

Level Information

Notable Characters

The section of the Arcane Sanctuary full of portals between platforms.

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