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Lost City

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The Lost City is a desert type wilderness level with unusually many ruins of buildings in Act II. It also holds the entrance to the Ancient Tunnels.


Diablo II Level Info [e]
Lost City.jpg
Lost City
Norm Night Hell
Area lvl # # #
Plague Bearer, Night Slinger, Night Tiger, Tomb Creeper, Marauder, Fire Tower, Flying Scimitar
5 5 5
Yes Yes Yes
Dark Elder, mlvl 20 Dark Elder, mlvl 49 Dark Elder, mlvl 80
Gold-chest No
Waypoint Yes
Far Oasis, Ancient Tunnels, Valley of Snakes.
Quests None

By entering the Lost City, the Tainted Sun quest automatically starts. The desert becomes a permanent "night time" lighting, and the player can talk to Drognan to be informed that this is the work of Claw Vipers. Their temple is handily located in a small surface area called the Valley of Snakes near the Lost City (naturally a dungeon with levels below surface).

The Lost City also has an entry to Ancient Tunnels underneath the former, unnamed, city which is great for extra experience and treasure.

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