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Act I

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Act I - The Sightless Eye - is located in eastern Khanduras and is all about killing the demon Andariel to save the Sisterhood of the Sightless Eye and clear the road to the East and Act II.


The player starts in the Rogue Encampment near the Tamoe mountains, a town run by Rogues from Diablo I. The characters are arriving after hearing of the demonic troubles in Khanduras. The over-all objective of Act I is to try to catch up with the Wanderer but failing that at least clear out the Sisters of the Sightless Eye's Monastery to enable travel to the East and Lut Gholein in Act II.

The character is originally not very welcomed by the Sisters, although allowed to take refuge in their camp. When the hero clears out the Den of Evil for Akara their high priestess, they start to come around, and the hero eventually becomes a friend of the sisters.

The hero is sent to rescue a Horadrim descendant that can help in stopping Diablo, and returns the player to Tristram, and Deckard Cain. He or she manages to find the Monastery, and kills Andariel, who is the source of the demonic invasion of the Monastery.

With andariel gone, the hero joins Warrivs caravan over the Aranoch desert to the eastern city of Lut Gholein and Act II.


The first act is a medium length Act with 25 total levels, plus 13 additional levels that are part of other levels (like The Cave, level 2 etc):


Akara, outside her tent.

Most of the Act I NPCs are found in the Rogue Encampment. Just two are found outside of it (including a non-human NPC, a book!), as well as the odd killed Rogue.


Quests-a1-q1.gif Quests-a1-q2.gif Quests-a1-q3.gif
Quests-a1-q4.gif Quests-a1-q5.gif Quests-a1-q6.gif

  1. Den of Evil
  2. Sisters' Burial Grounds
  3. Rescue Cain
  4. The Forgotten Tower
  5. Tools of the Trade
  6. Sisters to the Slaughter

Special: Secret Cow Level

The quests of the first act are almost all related to the progression of the story, even if they are not all mandatory. Only the last one is really mandatory. The Forgotten Tower is the only one that isn't related to the story line at all.

The Secret Cow Level quest takes place in Act I, but is not possible to start without finishing the game on that difficulty.


Catacombs Level 2.