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Outer Cloister

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The Outer Cloister is part of several levels and types of levels that takes place in the Rogue Monastery, the gate to the East and Lut Gholein in Act II.


Diablo II Level Info [e]
Sightless Eye Fountain.jpg
Outer Cloister
Norm Night Hell
Area lvl 9 40 70
Black Rogue, Yeti, Razor Spine, Devilkin, Devilkin Shaman
5 5 5
Yes Yes Yes
None None None
Gold-chest None
Waypoint Yes
Monastery Gate, Barracks
Quests None

The Outer Cloister is a level in Act I of Diablo II. It is the first level the player will encounter as he/she progresses from the wilderness of Entstieg into the Rogues' Monastery.

The level itself resembles a 'plus' sign, with the middle of the plus containing the waypoint for the level and either a centralised fountain, set of statues or decorative garden, depending on what has been randomised for the particular game. An entrance hall and three separate halls form the arms of the plus. One of the two northern halls, chosen randomly by the game, will contain a door at its far end leading to the next level in the Act, the Barracks. It is also occasionally found in the southern hall. The following rule may be useful to find the Barracks easily:

Cross shaped garden in courtyard --- Barracks to NE

Fountain with WP to right --- Barracks to NW

Fountain with WP to left --- Barracks to SE

The waypoint in this level is an important one for the player to acquire, as the preceding Tamoe Highland lacks one and the trek from the Black Marsh waypoint can be quite long.

The monsters in the Outer Cloister are a step up, in difficulty and experience, from those encountered in previous levels. For this reason, and because it is a relatively small and contained level, the Outer Cloister can be a decent experience farm for players at lower levels. Monsters can usually be found in the central area and in the adjoining halls, although sometimes one or more of the halls may not contain any.

Level Information

  • Monster levels are usually always equal to the area level with exception to uniques (mlvl +3) and champions (mlvl +2).


  • None.