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This page covers Tristram as it is seen in Diablo II. See also:

Tristram is a solitary level in Act I that can only be reached from a red portal in the Stony Field after activating the Cairn Stones. It's a ragged shell of Diablo I's Tristram.


Diablo II Level Info [e]
Area lvl53976
Carver, Carver Shaman, Skeleton Archer, Night Clan, Returned
Griswold (mlvl 8)Griswold (mlvl 42)Griswold (mlvl 87)
Stony Field
QuestsRescue Cain
Cain: Help!

The hub town from Diablo returns but only as a fraction of its former glory. The entire town is left in fiery ruins by the hands of Diablo and his minions. Here, you will find Deckard Cain near the center of town suspended midair in a crude gibbet. Rescuing him is relatively easy if done quickly for random bosses commonly spawn near his location. Plus, a group of champions will always be found just a few paces above Cain's gibbet. After completing this rescuing task, Cain will immediately escape by opening a portal to the Rogue Encampment (You cannot enter it, so don't bother trying) where he will be found near Warriv and the fire pit from then on. He will also reward you by identifying all items you are carrying free of charge.

Griswold from the original Diablo makes a cameo appearance here but as a corrupted zombie. He is slow but hits hard especially if Amplify Damage from his Cursed mod kicks in. In nightmare and hell difficulty, he has the chance to spawn Fire Enchanted (granting an on-death corpse explosion) which makes him practically a walking bomb due to his high hit points. In this case, it is best to finish him off from a distance.

Wirt also makes a somewhat cameo (as a corpse) as he's found at the top left of town by a group of Carvers and its shaman. Clicking on his corpse will drop a few piles of gold little by little as well as his peg leg. Other than as a crude blunt weapon, Wirt's Leg may be used to open a portal from the Rogue Encampment to the Secret Cow Level by characters who have killed Baal (or Diablo, in the original) in that same difficulty the leg was found.

Level Information

Griswold is grisly.
  • Monster levels are usually always equal to the area level with exception to uniques (mlvl +3) and champions (mlvl +2).
  • The Carver and Carver Shaman spawn together as one monster variant in this area.
  • Griswold has a much higher level than a typical unique monster would have in hell difficulty.