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Dark Wood

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The Dark Wood is one of the wilderness levels in Act I, and holds the Tree of Inifuss, which you need to find in order to give Akara the Scroll of Inifuss in order to Rescue Cain.


Diablo II Level Info [e]
Wilderness Act I.jpg
Dark Wood
Norm Night Hell
Area lvl 5 38 68
Carver, Carver Shaman, Skeleton Archer, Vile Lancer, Vile Hunter, Spike Fiend
Brute (minion)
4 4 4
Yes Yes Yes
Treehead Woodfist, mlvl 8 Treehead Woodfist, mlvl 41 Treehead Woodfist, mlvl 71
Gold-chest No
Waypoint Yes
Underground Passage, Black Marsh
Quests Rescue Cain (Scroll of Inifuss)

The Dark Wood is unique from the rest of the act 1 field areas for its vast number of trees throughout the area. Characters may utilize these trees as additional cover but so can monsters, including the ranged variety such as the Skeleton Archers and Spike Fiends.

Somewhere within the Dark Wood is the Tree of Inifuss, the bark of which holds the secret to the Cairn Stones back in the Stony Field. Found guarding the tree will be Treehead Woodfist, a speedy superunique Brute. Treehead is not vital to kill, but doing so certainly helps for he is likely to outrun any new character and pummel him/her down. Once he's dealt with, retrieve the bark from the tree which will then be known as the Scroll of Inifuss, find the waypoint, and give the scroll to Akara.

A large group of Carvers and Shamen can also be found around the ruins of a large stone building surrounded by a wooden fence. This army of carvers can be distracting if there are monster bosses nearby, especially Treehead.

Level Information

  • Monster levels are usually always equal to the area level with exception to uniques (mlvl +3) and champions (mlvl +2).