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Blizzard Explains the Diablo 4 Release Date Trailer

Any Diablo fan worth their salt will have gone through the Diablo 4 release date trailer with a fine-tooth comb looking for story clues. However, if you’re not as into Diablo lore as some of us are, then perhaps give this watch.

Over seven minutes Joe Shely and Joe Piepriora are back on the sofa with Pez (probably filmed during the last dev update) to explain who everyone in the trailer is. Oh, and you can watch the trailer again.

As we all know it’s a battle between Lilith and Inarius, creators of Sanctuary, in the trailer. In this explanation video, there’s a more “wings” discussion that will please Neinball no doubt as well as a quick overview of the two main characters.

Simply put this is only worth a watch if you missed the original developer live stream. There’s nothing new here when it comes to the story. You’re going to have to wait until the beta to find out more.

Whack the image below to be taken to the video which has an age gate on it.

Blizzard Explains the Diablo 4 Release Date Trailer

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