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Ladder Primer: Fresh Start in new Season 1

Ladder Season 1

Blizzard update on Diablo 2 Resurrected laddersThere are lots of options for your first character.  Mainly, which one will be the most useful and what where will you use them.  For this ladder primer, the best place to start is what do you want to do with that character. I have only done the Ubers one time some odd years ago and still haven’t managed to want to beat them on Single Player, so for me that isn’t a good place to start.  I like running areas.  I don’t have to kill super-fast, but don’t mind it as an option for a build.  So what are our options to best build wealth at the start of a season:

  • Do Ubers
  • Do key runs and sell key sets
  • Target farm and gather unique items
  • Farm areas.

Some of these are combined, Key runs are good to farm a couple of areas as well with solid drops too.  Target farming was the OG of Diablo.  Farm Mephisto and Pindle back in the day all day.  My choices are going to be Farm areas and probably sprinkle in some key runs in-between the leveling up primarily with public Baal runs.  The last place I want a character to be effective in is the secret cow level.  Sometimes you just want to slay some bovines for all the nightmares they give you.

After looking over the areas I wanted to run.  I also do not want to do a standard character build.  Lastly, I wanted a build that got buffed with 2.4 patch.  I’m left with the following options that would fit my playstyle:

  • Fire Based Druid/Summoner
  • Hurricane using Druid Shapeshifter with a bear or wolves.
  • Martial Arts assassin or Fury sin.
  • Holy Bolt/Fist of Heavens
  • Chuckles read #2 or watch the G.I.Joe The Movie(Throwing Barbarian)
  • Fendazon/Charged Strike/Multi/Strafe hybrid.

Wanting the possibility of freedom from weapon being good for a while removes both Druid Shapeshifter and Chuckles. After looking at Fire Druid, MA assassin, Holy Bolter, and Fendazon hybrid my next requirement was to use weapon attacks.  This cuts me down to Martial Arts and Fendazon.  The Fendazon provides multiple options and weapon types to use including multiple builds using updated skills.


Vang’s Fendzon

So how do we build this Fendazon?  Starting out we need to get a fast weapon that deals damage, but we are weak initially, so we will rely on Charged Strike as I’ve done before. Once we start gathering gear we will be looking for one rune word for both styles of attacks:  Fortitude.  This armor gives us a nice damage boost on both a Fend build and a Multi/Strafe bow build.  Other gear will be:

  • Weapon: Ideally with a bit of IAS we will want to use Obedience in the mancatcher with the CB% and great attack rating boost with enchant as well as the -25% from Eth as well as resist all.  Bow could be any number of items with a big attack.
  • Helm:  Rare +2 with 20s would be solid so I could shove some 30%ed/15ias jewels in it.
  • Gloves:  Blood gloves with 20%IAS and some MF as well as good other mods.
  • Boots will be something like 30% FRW and some resist and MF
  • Belt:  a few options exist like Goldwrap for some nifty magic find, but really any works here.
  • Amulet:  IAS one, cats eye isn’t a bad choice until a Highlords is gotten.
  • Rings: Any that fill the voids, though a ravenfrost will be useful.
  • Other:  Make a Harmony for when I need to run!

General run of the mill starting off.  Find a group to run in and get through Act1-4.  Level Farm in Act 5 until mid to late 40’s.  Then burn through NM and Level until mid 70’s.

At this point I have a few options, and I am not sure which route to go once I get to Hell.  I will base it on my drops, and whether I’m solo or got some friends playing with me.  As a few have stated interest in the season and this is my first time actually playing on since D2R dropped (Technically I have a level 14 or so in Act 2, but really that doesn’t count.)  Are you ready for the initial rush when it launches later this week as well?  If so, comment below and enjoy your slayings and may the RNG god’s grant you good finds this initial weekend!

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