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Twitch mount coming

Another way to get your hands on ponies.

Twitch Mount

As we get closer to launch, expect all sorts of promos to pop up and there appears to be one coming to Twitch, the Support a Streamer Program and the Twitch mount.

Mails have gone out to channel owners asking if they want to be considered for “inclusion in the Diablo 4 Supporty a Streamer campaign which runs from 5 June to 2 July.

Selected channels that apply will give their viewers a chance to be awarded an “exclusive Diablo 4 Primal Instinct mount when purchasing two subscriptions across participating channels”.

I’m not a massive Twitch watcher, I prefer to play the games rather than watch someone else play them, but it could be for you if you want to part with the subs cash which is probably around the $10 mark. Looks like Blizzard is pushing hard to get streamers to show off Diablo 4.

Thanks Reddit

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