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The State of Trade – Week of 1st November 2021

Diablo 2 State of Trade Issue 1

The State of Trade hopes to bring you a regular run-down of the economy to help you spot trends before they move the market. This week marks one month since release and we are seeing the effects of a maturing economy. Let’s run down these key changes and keep you up to date on the State of Trade.

Trade Supply

Tal Rasha's Wrappings with a StormshieldItem supply grows steady every day and this is dropping prices for common items. Once you’ve seen your 4th Tal’s Mask or Goldwrap – you stop picking them up. Check your stashes and if you have low-value items like these you should either cash them in now or be prepared to give them away in the coming weeks.

Runeword bases are way down across all categories, except for armor. More and more players are finding those plain Monarchs, 5os Flails, and 4os Eth CVs and those prices seem to have hit a floor (a plain Monarch is worth PGems which is the smallest trade currency). Desirable bases, like 3os 15ED AP/Dusk Shrouds or 15ED 0os Sacred Targe, are on the way up.

On the other hand, set items are gaining in value. Players are starting on their second and third characters, so expect to see a lot more demand for Trang’s, Griswold’s, and even Sigon’s. Heck, you may even get a Pul for the Angelic Rings & Amulet partial set. In that effort, I’ve completely updated the Set section of the pricing guide. I’ve tried to include the top sets that I’ve seen in demand recently: Trang’s, IK and of course Tal’s set.

I’ve priced out the individual items and included a complete set price. I generally value the complete set a little higher than the single pieces, because it does take some effort to complete each set. Don’t let that stop you from selling a complete set at a discount – but know that it can be worth more to the right buyer for the convenience.

Annis and Torches

Diablo 2 TorchIf you want an Anni, save up your HRs or be prepared to cash in your SoJs. Wait, that’s right…. ANNIS ARE HERE!

Multiple DClone walks have been organized over the past few weeks and more are being organized. If you are lucky enough to be in the right place and the right IP, you’ll get your hands on one – oh and you gotta have a character capable of taking down the DClone.

That makes them the most low supply and high demand charm in D2R – so prices will remain high on these for the foreseeable future. We also don’t know how the future economy will change, but until you see the price of an SoJ (holding steady at Ohm) dropping, Annis will not decrease.

Torches are looking like they are going in the other direction. The days of the perfect torches being worth many HRs are gone, for good reason. Lots of players have completed the Pandemonium Event, they’ve already found their torch for their main character and they probably have already bought one for their second character. I think there continues to be a healthy demand for torches, but the frenzied sale of them has slowed down.

Where to focus

Here are my plans of action for the coming weeks. Maybe they can help you if you aren’t sure where to invest your efforts.

  • High value bases are easy to miss, so pick up Superior and grey Elite Armors, Pally shields, Zerker Axes, and Phase Blades and check the Pricing Guide or get a price check to see if you struck gold.
  • Some players want to trick out their characters, so ‘bling’ items like Eth 5os Flails or 15ED Monarchs can still have some demand.
  • Look for low value set items that have variable stats like Tal’s Weapon and Belt – the perfect versions of which can usually fetch some decent currency.
  • Consider building full sets using mules – the demand for them is there but make sure you are constantly advertising to potential buyers because the market is small.
  • If you have a torch you want to upgrade, now is the time to sell. Be prepared to lose value from what you bought it for.
  • If you are looking for a torch, I suggest getting UNID torches from keyset trades. An UNID torch would buy you a high end torch for any class – save the pally and sorc, naturally.
  • Either buy a few SoJs and participate in a DClone walk or get your hands on a couple of HRs if you want your Anni. Don’t expect any discounts on this charm anytime soon – the price of entry is just too high.

Trade Tip

Diablo 2 Horadric Cube
Horadric Cube

Finally, I wanted to offer a trade tip to those of you who have a lot of currency runes and items. I’ve been asked a few times about turning these into the coveted High Rune to get your hands on those best-in slot items to finish off your main character.

The first goal is to cube up your runes from Puls to Um, Ums to Mal, and Mals to Ist or trade them up if you can catch a good buy. Sometimes players will unload a higher value item for ½ price simply because they’d rather take some quick cash – then you turn around and take a little more time to sell at a premium. Once you have those Ists you can search out sellers and buy Gul, Vex, Ohm and Sur. If you trade aggressively you can get your hands on a Lo, Jah, or Ber for a lot less then the stated price. Hope that helps you in your search for those final pieces to complete your build.

Until Next Time…

That’s it for us here. As always, drop feedback in the Pricing Guide, which I always take the time to review. Thanks to all the price checkers who volunteer their time to help other traders. See you on the Trading Marketplace.

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Awesome work Nokk! Really appreciate your dedication.

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Awesome work Nokk! Really appreciate your dedication.

Thank you, give it up for our little community here!

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