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The Diablo Podcast Episode 39 – State of the game analysis

Diablo Podcast

A lengthy episode this week following Gamescom. This week the Diablo Podcast discusses some of the answers we heard from Blizzard at Gamescom, the future of Diablo, and the current state of the game. There’s a lot to go over including expectations, the vocal minority, Battle Passes, annual expansions, and much more.

I would be not doing my job if I did not mention HCXanth’s new facial hair look so tune in even if it’s just to check that out 😉

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Running Order

00:00:24 – What we’re playing at the moment.
00:07:08 – Stuff from Gamescom and a more probing interview
00:16:51 – Current players numbers and general sentiment
00:28:02 – How do you account for the vocal minority?
00:40:08 – Battle Passes. Does the model work?
00:54:17 – Expectations and quality standards.
01:10:00 – Why a live service game?
01:17:00 – Annual expansion

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