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The Diablo Podcast Episode 38 – Season of Blood Edition

The Diablo Podcast Episode 38 - Season of Blood Edition

This week turned up a bit of a surprise with the Season 2 reveal called the Season of Blood. Seems like a good time for a new Diablo Podcast.

HCXanth and Neinball sit down for a chat about what’s been happening with Diablo 4 over the past couple of weeks. They talk about their progress in Season 1, community backlash, trading, and the upcoming Season of Blood.

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Running Order

00:03:57 – Current progress by the team.
00:09:12 – Trade discussion and that dupe exploit.
00:12:24 – An upset community, criticism, and click-bait hate.
00:24:20 – Season of Blood and upcoming changes discussion.

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