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Ross shows us how to defeat Lilith blind

Beating Lilith is hard enough but doing it while blind is quite something.

When you get to Lilith it’s quite a moment but getting to that stage and being blind must have been quite the challenge. Ross Minor shows us how it’s done.

In a video released on his Youtube channel he explains how he’s done it thanks to Diablo 4’s accessibility options. In the video Ross explains exactly how he did it.

The screen reader audio is being pumped directly into his headphones which is why you won’t hear it in the video below and there’s chat that’s helping him identify elements of the fight itself.

Ross gets slightly confused when the first phase completes wondering why it was “anticlimactic” which was exactly my reaction when reaching that point. Jumping back in, and after a few deaths, Ross eventually manages to take Lilith down.

It’s fantastic to see players like Ross be able to get just as much enjoyment from Diablo 4 and it’s an example of why accessibility options are so important in games. Also, you can read about how Blizzard approached accessibilty in Diablo 4 in this new article on Forbes.

I take my hat off to Ross for making it to the end and sharing the video. Another Lilith vanquished.

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