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PTR and Season 4 Analysis – The Diablo Podcast Episode 53

It’s a foursome this week as the team discuss the PTR and all the upcoming changes.

PTR and Season 4 Analysis - The Diablo Podcast Episode 53

The Diablo Podcast is back! HCXanth has been away in France and the PTR has happened so it’s time for the team to discuss all the changes and give their analysis of the PTR.

This week we have a special guest. NikoWrex joins the fray to make it a foursome of Diablo discussion goodness. The discussion covers everything we saw in the PTR such as Tempering, Masterworking, Helltide changes, The Pit, and much more.

With quite a few weeks to go until Season 4 starts, it will be hard to go back into Season 3 and see it out to the end. Season 4 brings so many improvements to the game.

Righ! on with the show…

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