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The Pit

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What is The Pit?

The Pit was added in patch 1.4.0 (Season 4) as new endgame content. These are similar to Diablo 3 Rifts.

When can you do The Pit?

When players enter World Tier IV, they recieve a priority quest to complete a Tier 46 NIghtmare Dungeon. On completion, players can start collecting Runeshards during endgame content.

What are the Requirements?

Players need 1 Runeshard which is a material that drops from all end-game content such as Whispers, Helltide chests, and Nightmare Dungeons.

Portal to The Pit in Cerrigar
Portal to The Pit in Cerrigar

Where is the Pit?

The Pit is located in through the portal in Cerrigar.

How to Activate The Pit?

When in Cerrigar, head to the Obelisk which when activated will send players into The Pit.

What do you do in The Pit?

Players will have to slay as many monsters as possible within a 10 minute timeframe. Slay enough of these monsters and a portal opens which takes you to a Boss arena.

  • Killing the boss before the timer expires grants players Masterworking Materials and unlocks the next Tier of The Pit.
  • Killing the boss with 4-6 minutes to spare will grant players an additional Tier unlock.
  • Killing the boss with 6 or more minutes to spare grants players 2 additional Tier unlocks.

If the Mastery timer expires before you finish running through The Pit you’ll still receive loot, but won’t receive any Masterworking materials.

How Many Tiers are there?

The Pit has hundreds of Tiers of difficulty.

How many Players can run The Pit at once?

Up to four grouped players can undertake The Pit.

Take note, the player that opened The Pit will take the lion's share of the materials. Also, only the player that opened The Pit has the chance of receiving the Materials (Stygian Stones) used for summoning Tormented Echoes (the highest level bosses in the game).

Why run The Pit

The Pit is a primary source for Masterworking materials which was also added in Patch 1.0.4. The deeper you go in The Bit, the better the Masterworking materials.

Stygian Stones are also found within The Pit. These stones are used to summon level 200 versions of each Boss Ladder boss.

Pit Rewards in Groups

It's important to note that when running The Pit as a group, the Party member that spends the Runeshards to open the Pit gets 100% of the Masterworking materials, the rest of the party receives half the amount.

Are there tiers of difficulty?

Yes, there are hundreds of tiers for players to tackle.

What's inside The Pit?

Pit levels come with a variety of tilesets and different monster families. Each floor has a different tileset from the previous one to give the player visual variety.