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Tree of Whispers

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Tree of Whispers is an endgame system that offers frequently cycling world objectives and bounties that reward you with Legendary gear, experience, crafting materials, and more.

Players will see Whispers of the Dead (pink markers on the map) throughout their travels around Sanctuary and completing these brings rewards of experience, gold, and Grim Favors.

Once 10 Grim Favours have been collected they can be exchanged at the Tree of Whispers for a "bevy of loot". Players get a choice of one of three reward types which are delivered as a cache of items in the player's inventory.

Whispers appear across Sanctuary
Whispers appear across Sanctuary
Collect 10 Grim Favors
Collect 10 Grim Favors
Return to the Tree of Whispers to claim your reward
Return to the Tree of Whispers to claim your reward
Whisper Legendary Grand Cache
Open your Cache and enjoy the shower

The Whispers players see on their map will rotate frequently, with new ones becoming available throughout the day to undertake. Each Whisper will offer both a different set of rewards and experience for completing it.

If you are playing on the Season Realm be sure to upgrade the Urn of Whispers in your Season Blessings which will boost the chance to receive a Greater Collection from Whisper rewards.

Urn of Whispers gives more rewards

Where is the Tree of Whispers?

The tree is located in the northeast of Hawazar (Map) and there is also a waypoint located very close to the tree.

Note, that the Tree of Whispers content will not be available until you have completed the campaign with a character or your character has elected to skip the campaign.

Changes to Tree of Whispers

Patch 1.2.0, October 17, 2023

  • The Experience rewards for completing individual Whispers, cashing in Grim Favors, and opening Helltide Chests have been increased.
    • Tier I whisper experience reward increased by 100%.
    • Tier II whisper experience reward increased by 75%.
    • Tier III whisper experience reward increased by 150%.
  • Developer’s Note: Whisper Tiers refers to how many Grim Favors the Whisper grants upon completion.
  • Various Quality of Life updates for Whispers, such as moving the altars to bring collected resources to a more central location and reducing the number of monsters needed to be slain to complete certain objectives.
  • Whisper Caches will now reward significantly more Gold and increased Gem Fragments.
  • The tier for Nightmare Sigils rewarded from Whisper Caches will now always be within 5 Levels of the highest-level Nightmare Dungeon the player has completed.
  • Every Legion Event will now have a Whisper objective associated with it.
  • Whisper Caches will now always only reward items of the specified equipment slot instead of having a chance to include a random item of any equipment slot.

Patch 1.1.0a, July 18, 2023

  • Whispers no longer reward Sigil Powder.
  • Reward experience for completing Whispers in World Tiers III and IV has been significantly increased.