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Whispers of the Dead

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Whispers of the Dead are tied to the Tree of Whispers. They are tasks that, when complete, reward you with Grim Favors and once you have collected 10 you can visit the Tree and exchange them for a cache of goodies.

Where are Whispers of the Dead?

Players will see Whispers (pink markers on the map) scattered around Sanctuary. Whispers are localised mini-tasks or events that, when completed, will reward you with Grim Favors. They include such things as:

  • Clear a Cellar
  • Slay 50 Skeletons
  • Find a corpse and defeat X boss
  • Invoke 3 rituals
  • Complete X event

As you complete these tasks you will be awarded a Grim Favor. You can see how many you have by checking the bottom of your main map.

What are the rewards?

Once collected, Grim Favors can be turned in at the Tree of Whispers (Map) for a cache of loot and experience.

Each whisper offers the player a different set of rewards for completion.

When are Whispers Available?

Whispers of the Dead are found on the map and rotate with new ones becoming available throughout the day.

The Whispers of the Dead system will only become available when a specific chapter of the main questline has been completed.

Whispers appear across Sanctuary
Whispers appear across Sanctuary
Collect 10 Grim Favors
Collect 10 Grim Favors
Return to the Tree of Whispers to claim your reward
Return to the Tree of Whispers to claim your reward
Whisper Legendary Grand Cache
Open your Cache and enjoy the shower