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Season 4

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Diablo 4 Season 4 Season icon.png - Loot Reborn begins at 10 a.m PST (8 pm GMT) on Tuesday 14th May and runs until 6 August 2024.
Note: These sections are being continually updated

Diablo 4 Season 4: Loot Reborn is expected to start on 14 May 2024. The first details about this were revealed during the Campfire Chat on 29 February[1] 2024.

Iron Wolves datamined from the PTR
Iron Wolves image datamined from the PTR

Diablo 4 Season 4 Theme

The theme for Season 4 focuses the Iron Wolves. This was initially datamined from images during the Season 4 PTR.

You can read more about the Iron Wolves in our article The Iron Wolves Chronicles.

Campfire Chat

A campfire chat before Season 4 was held on 20 March [2] but chat was limited to the changes to itemization specifically sweeping changes to items and the introduction of new systems.

A second campfire took place on 2 May 2024[3].

Season 4 and the Iron Wolves

Seek out the battle-hardened and stalwart Soudeh the Anvil, a stoic field commander of the Iron Wolves. The Iron Wolves are a band of noble Mercenaries in the South, seeking to protect the common people of Sanctuary and hold themselves to a higher code of honor than other mercenary companies of similar mettle. Mysteriously, members of their ranks have been dying under suspicious circumstances—seek out the source of this slaughter to earn the Iron Wolves’ favor.

Meet Soudeh in Khejistan to start your journey to uncover this deadly plot. Working with the Iron Wolves will earn you several Tempering Manuals, which are key to unlocking the potential of your items in Season 4: Loot Reborn.

Any Iron Wolf Events that occur in Helltide will persist past the end of Season 4: Loot Reborn.

The questline involves players taking part in quests and gathering Iron Wolf Honor (reputation) in Helltides to gain rewards at the Iron Wolves Encampment (Map).

Iron Wolves in Diablo 4 Season 4
Iron Wolves in Season 4


Itemisation has been given a complete overhaul in Season 4 with the introduction of improvements and new systems. Use these links to read about each of these new and updated systems.

These changes and the changes to the item system and affixes work are fundamental to changing a lot of the core game.

Information on these changes can also be found in second Campfire chat which took place on 20 March 2024.

Class Changes

Details of class changes can be found in the Patch 1.4.0 notes.

Endgame Changes and Additions

The endgame will see some changes in Season 4. These include the following where you can also fine more details on the changes.:

Helltide Changes

Profane Mindcage
Profane Mindcage

Profane Mindcage Elixir - Season 4 Only

In Season 4, a new elixir was added called a Profane Mindcage. This elixir, when consumed, increases the level of Helltide monsters by 10 and boosts Cinder drop rates.

These are guaranteed to drop after killing Hellborne. Players see diminishing returns on boosted Monster levels closer to level cap - keep progressing in World Tiers to retain the same benefit from the elixir.

This elixir will only be available in Season 4.

World Tiers

Helltides will appear in World Tier 1 and World Tier 2 for the first time. No roaming bosses or meteors appear in these lower World Tiers.

Threat Meter

A new threat meter in the top right of the screen builds up the more you kill. When the meter maxes out, it will cause you to become Hell Marked. Once Hell Matked, you are attacked by a swathe of monsters and the Hellborn which are the embodiment of the Diablo 4 classes.

Once a Hellborn is activated the meter resets.

Accursed Ritual

Collect Baneful Hearts from Tortured Gifts during the Heltide and use them to summon the Blood Maiden at the Accursed Ritual site. Contributing Baneful Hearts to initiate the ritual grants you increased rewards as a contribution bonus, but placing more Baneful Hearts will grant further individual rewards.

Accursed Ritual Site
Accursed Ritual Site

Season 4 PTR

Blizzard introduced a PTR (Public Test Realm) for the first time to allow all players to test the new Season 4 content before it goes live.

Blizzard has stated that not all Seasons will include a PTR, it will depend on the scope of the changes and the content.

The PTR was for PC BattleNet only and started on 2 April and ran until 9 April.