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Masterworking is an endgame level 100 crafting system to upgrade items and improve item affixes.

Ranking up Affixes

Players will be able to rank up item Affixes up to 12x, which slightly increases the value of all Affixes, including Tempered Affixes. The upgrade process is incremental at each rank but a single affix is randomly and massively buffed every 4th, 8th, and 12th ranks. Effectively, this means that have three chances to really improve an affix on an item.

Masterworking showing boost at Rank 4 to Max Life.
Masterworking showing boost at Rank 4 to Max Life.

The ranks at 4, 8, and 12 will show on the item tooltip as the following different colours to show how it has been improved.

  • 4 = Blue
  • 8 = Yellow
  • 12 = Orange


These Masterworked affixes can also be rerolled at the Occultist for a different affix that will inherit the same increased rank. Resetting Masterworked upgrades will however come at a significant cost.

Where can you get Masterworking Materials?

Materials for Masterworking come from the new endgame content called The Pit.

What Items can be Masterworked?

Masteworking applies not only to Legendary items but also unique items.