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Players can redeem class-specific cosmetics from Lunar Awakening event


As most of you will have noticed, the class specific cosmetic rewards from the Lunar Awakening event could not be redeemed if you were not playing that class.

The good news for those wanting to make sure they can redeem the items is that this is being fixed as per this note from Blizzard.

Just wanted to toss in that the team has an update for those who are having to create new characters to redeem some cosmetics for the Lunar New Year Event.

For example: If you are a Necromancer and you have a Wand cosmetic from the event, you aren’t able to redeem it on your Necromancer due to some restrictions in the game. This then forced you to store this in your stash and make a new Sorceror just to redeem the reward. This will be fixed so you can redeem them on any class. We ask that you just store them in your stash until this patch hits.

Thanks for the feedback and apologies on the confusion with this.

The items this affects include the Moonshot Bow, Lunar Scepter. and Dragon’s courage. You can read more about the cosmetics on the Lunar Awakening page.

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