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Diablo 4 Hotfix for Lunar Shrines

Diablo 4 Hotfix for Lunar Shrines

Yet another Diablo 4 Hotfix was released today, this time to increase the Shrine XP boost and Glyph XP bonus on the Ancestors Favor Sigil for the Lunar Awakening Event. Complete details below.

HOTFIX 2 – February 8, 2024 – 1.3.1


Lunar Shrine XP Boost

  • Increased XP Bonus per Monster Kill to 100% (from 50%)

Ancestors Favor Sigil

  • Increased Glyph XP Bonus to 20% XP (from 10%)
  • Note: In-Game text will still reference 10% until a future patch.

Developer’s Note: These increased bonuses aim to ensure Lunar Shrines and the Ancestor’s Favor Sigil Affix are universally exciting and valuable to the Lunar Awakening experience for players across all World Tiers – well beyond the completion of earning all the cosmetic rewards Ying-Yue has to offer!

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