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New Diablo 4 BlizzCon Details

Diablo 4 Blizzcon Updates

During the opening ceremony, the Rogue class was announced with a trailer and there are some new shots to enjoy too.

The What’s Next panel kicked off the Diablo 4 coverage.

Diablo 4 Rogue Points of Importance

  • Rogues can use swords and daggers for melee.
  • Bows and crossbows for ranged.
  • Designed initially to look like the original Diablo 1 rogue with red armour.
  • Shadowrealm, Exploit Weakness, and Combo points are the Rogues specialisations.
  • Players will do class-specific quests for rogue factions such as Sisters of the Sightless Eye.
  • The Rogue will have a real variety of playstyles.
  • Weapons are connected to regions. Scimitar in Kejistan is also a Broadsword if adventuring in the North.
  • Imbue weapons – Frost, Shadow etc.
  • Chills build up to a full freeze which can sped up with Frost Imbue.

Features – Open World

  • Open world helps players understand Sanctuary better through exploration.
  • Rogue leaps off mounts and fires down a rain of arrows.
  • Mounts cant get damaged but when attacked on mount you will be knocked off.
  • Camps are “strongholds of evil”. Players will have reclaim these camps from the forces of evil.
  • Players unlock these camps which can evolve into friendly locations with a blacksmith, quest givers, and more.
  • Vertical play with climbing and leaping


  • Area in the open world you can walk into.  These are optional places
  • Collect Shard of Hatred. They are unpurified and have to purified at an event to turn them into a currency for gear and trophies. Other PvP players can kill you and take those shards from you.
  • Shards can be collected without partaking in PvP.
  • PvP areas will have their own mounts and special items but they won’t be more powerful than items in the normal world.
  • When you become a Vessel of Hatred on PvP – You need to survive as other players are alerted.
  • Ears are only trophies currently.

Diablo 4 Rogue Trailer

Rogue Gameplay

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