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Microsoft’s Phil Spencer commits to Playstation releases


Phil Spencer

The Activision Blizzard Microsoft acquisition news was huge this week but what does the deal mean for Playstation gamers who enjoy Activision Blizzard games?

Some of you may be wondering what will happen to Blizzard games when Microsoft takes control. Would it leave Playstation gamers out in the cold? No more Diablo on Playstation?

It looks like there’s good news as Microsoft and Playstation have been chatting this week. Microsoft’s Phil Spencer took to Twitter to confirm that Microsoft will honor existing agreements for Activision titles on the Playstation.

While Call of Duty is the only franchise specifically mentioned in the post, it’s unlikely the large Blizzard franchises would not be included under all “existing agreements”. At the end of the day, Microsoft will surely want to shift as many copies as possible by pushing Blizzard games onto the Playstation platform. It’s more sales. However, you just never know what will happen further down the line as the two console makers push for a share of the console market.

We will have to wait and see how all this plays out. The deal could still be scuppered by anti-trust and competition rules.

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