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Elly Goes Cow Farming to Find the Best Route

Elly pushes through the pain of cow farming to find the best routes.

So we’ve been debating what is the most optimal way of cow farming to get the three items for the Secret Cow Level (which does not exist).

Yesterday Elly went experimenting and has slaughtered well over 1500 cows to find out what’s the best way to farm the bovines. After much research, she came up with the following paths to take which she felt was the best way to do this.

It must be noted that from the 1500 kills she has done, the second item has not dropped so far. The RNG on the second item has not been kind. With that in mind, taking a second character in to get the second item seems the better option as the second item will drop on the 666th kill. I just thought I would point that out.

Also logging out and then back in after a run is the way forward. Slogging across the map to further away packs of cows is time-consuming.

Anyway, here’s a video of routes that seemed the best ones to follow in the three zones to get the three items. There’s a load more info on the Secret Cow Level page which will be updated as more news on it appears.

Watch the Cow Farming Route Video

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