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Drums of the Vault hotfix released

A questline breaking bug has been thoroughly squashed.

Drums of the Vault hotfix released

A hotfix has rolled out after reports last night that the Drums of the Vault quest was bugged. This was spotted pretty early on and it would have been a real pain to encounter it.

This hotfix is being rolled out currently and will be available to all players by early afternoon on January 24th PST

HOTFIX 1 – January 24, 2024 – 1.3.0


*Addressed an issue with the quest ‘Drums of the Vault’ that led to a progression blocker.
*Stability and performance updates

As the day has progressed, there’s been some real mixed reaction to Season 3 so far. This is of course because most people will have already run the questline and now moved on to the higher World Tiers.

We’ll have to see how the Season shakes out over the next couple of days. So far I have been enjoying more than others but I need to get more hours in.

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