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Blizzard reviewing Season 3 feedback. Changes coming

There’s mixed feeling about Season 3 and Blizzard has been watching closely. Here’s some thoughts.

Diablo 4 Season 3 Guide: Season of the Construct

Well, Season 3 has really set the cat among the pigeons. Following on from what was much improved Season 2, this Season has been considered a setback by some of the community.

There’s a lot of feedback being posted all over the place about this Season and Blizzard has been watching closely. In an update from Joe Shely he says that “some things can be improved” and it sounds like we are going to see some changes in the days ahead.

As I have been rather busy tending to things here on the site, so far I have managed to take my Barb up to level 42 with more playtime to come in the next couple of days. I have been reading a lot of the feedback since the Season launched too. Some of it is constructive, and some of it is completely useless.

I will say that so far I have been enjoying this Season but at level 42, it’s hard to tell how I’ll feel about it in a few more days. What I have been enjoying the most are the Arcane Tremors which have proved a solid way to level. The Season questline felt short and the ending seemed a little lacklustre.

The Vaults are a great idea but I feel that the effort against reward is not quite there. I need to spend some more time running these today. I am a little torn on the Seneschal companion aspect, at times I feel it’s pretty useless but then with a support stone setup found it quite useful and it has saved me a couple of times. I’ll tinker more with this later today once I’ve nabbed a few most Governing Stones.

I do feel more time is needed to pass solid judgment on this Season because tweaks are coming. I also think Blizzard needs to think about a PTR to stop the negativity around Season releases and also get more of the bugs sorted before a full launch of a Season.

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