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Diablo Podcast/Vidcast Ep15 – Diablo 4 hands-on class analysis

Diablo Vidcast/Podcast Ep14 - Diablo 4 hands-on class analysis

Welcome back to the Diablo podcast/vidcast! We are back with the first episode of 2023 and it’s squarely focusing on Diablo 4.

This week the team, which includes HCXanth, Neinball, and MacroBioBoi, takes a look back at their recent playtime and specifically the classes. The three classes available in the preview version were the Barbarian, Sorcerer, and Rogue.  There’s also discussion on topics such as items, death, crowd control, party play.

The podcast concludes with some hot takes and one of those opinions may surprise you. So how did they get on and what was the overall impression of Diablo 4 so far?

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Running Order

00:03:03: Class Discussion based on hands-on impressions. Starting with Barbarian.
00:23:00: Items, shields, and hardcore discussion.
00:32:01: Death Penalty discussion
00:37:45: Sorcerer analysis.
00:49:25: Crowd Control.
00:54:05: Rogue analysis.
01:05:00: Party play discussion
01:09:46: Voice chat? Communication options.
01:19:53: Hot takes – What concerns you about Diablo 4?

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