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Diablo 4’s next update will have a “lot of changes”

A developer update and campfire chat will be coming but have they got what it takes to entice players back?

Diablo 4's next update will have a "lot of changes"

Diablo 4 is in a weird place right now. A community that’s lost interest in the game and a lack up updates on how they plan on improving the endgame. Surely it’s time to push the emergency button?

According to Pez, before Season 2 starts there will be a developer update followed by a campfire chat to go over some of the finer points. He does say there are “quite a lot of changes/items to discuss”.

Season 2 cannot come around soon enough because interest in booting the game up has waned based on what we have seen from the community and our own PureDiablo Clan. Even live events such as the one in Korea recently which attracted a tiny audience indicates Blizzard may have a real problem on their hands when it comes to breathing life back into the game quickly.

We are all hoping that something can be magically done to fix the game in a quick timeframe and some of this was discussed in Gaerrick’s recent article. We’re fully behind Blizzard when it comes to the game reaching its real potential but the world of gaming moves fast and therefore Blizzard needs to get their skates on.

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