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New Judge’s Chamber Diablo 4 poll – Your current playing habits

How often are you currently playing Diablo 4? Cast your vote and share your thoughts.

Diablo 4 poll

We’ve read so much negativity about the current state of Diablo 4 from some parts of the community and there’s definitely been a drop-off in players numbers. But which camp are you in? Here’s our latest Diablo 4 poll.

Are you now done with the endgame? Are you still playing? Have you had enough entirely? We want to know if you are still engaged with the game and how often you are logging in each week. Perhaps you’re on a break. Perhaps you have simply had enough of what’s on offer and put the game down entirely. There are many reasons players cut back on game time but in all our time covering the franchise, we have never seen a community reaction quite like this one happen so quickly.

Blizzard will unlikely be shouting from the rooftops about active player numbers any time soon, so to avoid the doom and gloom posts on social channels, we thought we would run this poll here. Cast your votes and if you want to add your thoughts post them in the comments below.

Judge’s Chamber Diablo 4 poll

How often are you currently playing Diablo 4?

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