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Diablo 4 beta treat if you reach level 20

If you put in the hours during the beta, you could be in for something special.

Diablo 4 beta treat if you reach level 20

A Diablo 4 beta treat awaits if you put in the hours. With level 25 being the cap for the Diablo 4 beta test, Blizzard will be encouraging players to give it their all to get above level 20.

In a tweet from Rod Fergusson this evening, Blizzard appears to have something planned for all beta players that make it beyond level 20.

What this could be is anyone’s guess but perhaps we’ll hear more about this on 28 February when they are holding the next developer chat. Could it be some special cosmetics of some sort for those that manage it? I’m sure there will be plenty of players that will make it and be playing continuously. Remember kids, take plenty of breaks.

If you missed the beta date announcement check that out along with the Diablo 4 intro cinematic.

Thanks, RedOctober.

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