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Diablo 4 Open Beta Date Announced

Get ready for the open beta! We now have a start date.

Diablo 4 Open Beta Start Date

No huge surprise thanks to the numerous hints over the past couple of weeks, we now have the Diablo 4 open beta date as well as further updates from the development team.

Joe Shely was on-hand to explain some of the new features including the character you have created featured in the Diablo 4 cinematic sequences. This was highlighted in the reveal of the game’s intro cinematic.

Diablo 4 Open Beta Date

Announced at IGN Fan Fest this evening, the open beta will begin on 17-19 March if you have pre-ordered the early access beta. March 24-26 will be for those who have not pre-ordered. Players will be able to play through Act 1, the Fractured Peaks, and the game’s prologue.

If you are on the Early Access weekend, your progress will carry over to the next weekend. Players will be able to level up to level 25. Joe did not mention if all classes will be available to test but did mention they were testing balancing. Another developer live stream will also take place on 28 February where more details will be revealed.

Blizzard has also opened up a beta page with some more info.

Watch the Open Beta Announcement

Frustratingly, the test is going to run over these two weekends and will not be ongoing with servers shutting down when the weekends conclude.



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