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Expect Diablo 4 open Beta announcement later today

Rod Fergusson brings us an update and you won’t want to miss the show on Saturday.

Expect Diablo 4 open Beta announcement later today

We’ve been speculating about the Diablo 4 open Beta announcement for a week or so now. The IGN Fan Fest was where we expected the announcement to happen and it looks like that’s pretty much confirmed.

Another Tweet from Rod Fergusson tonight pretty much confirms that by this time tomorrow, we’ll know when the next beta phase begins.

Rod’s Diablo 4 open Beta Tease

Based on the fact we are now halfway through February and the game launches at the start of June, I would expect a late March or early April start date. This would give us a couple of months of testing before launch which is not a massive amount of time to test all the game systems. We have to assume there’s been a monstrous amount of testing since the closed community beta at the end of last year.

Not that I am complaining of course, the sooner the better, but we don’t want another Diablo 3 launch scenario at the start of June. Remember how fun that was?

Stay tuned for all the updates on Saturday and we’ll get any info posted up as quickly as possible just in case you can’t watch it live.  Will you be tuning in?

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