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Diablo 4 Beta Discussion – Vidcast/Podcast Episode 23

HCXanth and Neinball sit down for a discussion on the Diablo 4 Beta covering news and numerous topics.

Diablo 4 Beta Discussion - Vidcast/Podcast Episode 23

Last week we recorded a new episode of the Vidcast/Podcast which included me, HCXanth, and Neinball. Annoyingly Xanth’s audio messed up so we had to bin it.

On Thursday night Xanth kicked out a new show where he talked to Neinball about the beta which we all took part in prior to the open beta this weekend. Simply put, the planned schedule was slightly screwed-up a bit this week.

Due to the fact I have been super busy with the open beta, this show is basic edit as we wanted to get it out ASAP. Here it is…

Watch the Diablo 4 Beta Discussion Vidcast

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Listen to the Show

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