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The Game Awards 2023 Recap

The Game Awards

The Game Awards 2023 is here and it’s hard to believe that it’s already been a year since we were treated to the Diablo 4 release trailer, the biggest reveal at last year’s show, which featured Inarius, Lilith, and the Reverend Mother Prava doing battle in spectacular style in the Burning Hells. Diablo 4 was nominated this year in the Innovation in Accessibility and Best Multiplayer categories. Other potential surprises included more details about the DLC for Season 3, which is releasing next month, as well as the Vessel of Hatred expansion, which is scheduled to go live late next year.

Competition for Best Multiplayer game was stiff this year and included Baldur’s Gate 3, which swept the awards by winning Best RPG and GOTY. It was no surprise, then, that Baldur’s Gate 3 also took the award in the Best Multiplayer category. Unfortunately, Diablo 4, although very deserving of the award, lost to Forza Motorsport for the Innovation in Accessibility category, which was presented during the pre-show.

It would have been really nice to learn at least the name and theme for Season 3, however Blizzard didn’t make an appearance at this year’s show. What has already been shared at BlizzCon 2023 about the future of Diablo 4 is apparently all that Blizzard is willing or able to make known to the world at this time. We’ll just have to wait for future Quarterly Updates and Developer Livestreams to get more info about the upcoming content.

Congratulations to all of the winners and it looks there’s a bunch of really good new games and DLC on the horizon.

Watch the game awards livestream

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