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Diablo 4 Campfire Chat Recap – November 4

Members of the Development Team shared during a special Campfire Chat live stream.

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Sanctuary beckons you forth, wanderer. At BlizzCon 2023, associate game director Brent Gibson, production director Tiffany Wat, lead game producer Kalyeigh Calder, game director Joe Shely, and associate director of community Adam Fletcher, gave a tantalizing glimpse into the future of Diablo IV. Toward the end of the Campfire Chat, the team answered questions from the community, collected from players at BlizzCon and afar.

Watch Elly’s Video Recap

Diablo 4 expansion

The River Gate in Nahantu
For the first time since Diablo II, players can return to the land of Nahantu. Vessel of Hatred, the first expansion in Diablo IV, continues from where we last left the main story. Descending deep into the jungles of Nahantu, Neyrelle struggles to control perhaps the worst possible travel companion: the Prime Evil Mephisto.
  • The theme of the new region in the first expansion will be a contrast to the dark tones of the current game.

  • “There will be no salvation in the light.”
  • The Devs are committed to ensuring that the “flavor” of the first expansion will blend really well within the expansion as well with the current game.
  • Neyrelle is following in the footsteps of a Prophet of Light and is looking for answers about what to do with Mephisto’s soul stone as his spirit pushes against her every step of the way.
  • Players will have the option to play through the main campaign or jump right into the new chapter.
  • Mephisto is the Grandfather of Sanctuary and players will discover his fate as well as that of Neyrelle.
  • The region that outsiders know as Torajan is known to the locals there as Nahantu.
  • The new adventure begins at a location called the River Gate, previously closed off from the rest of Sanctuary for the past several decades, as well as from Lilith’s influence.

  • The jungle area will have great depth and scale, much more than what was experienced in Act 3 of Diablo 2.
  • The living, breathing jungle will fold into the local architecture.
  • Kurast sits in the heart of the jungle and will serve as the central hub of Nahantu.
  • One of the other familiar places from the past will be the Kurast Docks, now seventy-two years after the events of Diablo 2.
  • Another familiar location will be Travincal, deep within Kurast and the original location of Mephisto’s imprisonment by the Horadrim. Will any of the familiar characters from the past still be around?
  • We may also fianally have the chance to find out what lies beneat the Ziggurat.


New class

  • The Devs deliberated whether to reintroduce a classic class from the past or to offer something new.
  • Utlimately they decided to go with something completely new to the game series.
  • This new class will not be a Witch Doctor.

Season 2 future updates

Mid Season

Malignant Rings

  • New Unique rings called the Malignant Rings will return to the game permanently on November 7th.
  • Players can obtain them by defeating Varshan, one for each class.
  • The properties of the rings are essentially the same as for Season 1, but with a few tweaks to make them work well with the other Unique items.

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During Season of Blood, based off community feedback the Occultist will now display a preview of which potential affixes are available before your selected item is enchanted. Combined with the cost changes to enchanting items made earlier, this should help players optimize their items into the endgame.

Courageous wanderers in the Seasonal Realm can put themselves through a grueling test in the Abattoir of Zir. From December 5–January 23, after completing the final tier of the Season Journey, enter the Visceral Channel to push your Vampiric Powers to the ultimate limit with this Seasonal Event. The Abattoir of Zir is an ultimate challenge, it’s recommended to only use your best builds and Characters that are at the pinnacle of their power at Level 100. Note that all rewards earned in the Abattoir of Zir last until the end of Season of Blood.

  • Some changes will also be made regarding gold economy.


Abattoir of Zir

  • The Abattoir of Zir feature will be added on December 5th to offer even more endgame content.
  • This new featue will be a Seasonal endgame Level 100+ event, which may pave the way for other similar features in the future, such as Raids.
  • Players will have access to this event after completing the Seasonal Journey through the end of Season 2.
  • This event is especially for players who ask “what’s next?” after defeating Uber Lilith and getting their Uber Uniques from Duriel.
  • Not all builds will be capable of completing the Abattoir of Zir.
  • There will be 25 Tiers, all of which will be more difficult than most of the current endgame content.

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  • The Tears of Blood Unique Glyph will be instumental in completing the Abattoir of Zir’s Journey and can be upgraded 200 times.
Tears of Blood
Tears of Blood


Midwinter Blight

  • The Midwinter Blight will take place in the Fractured Peaks beginning on December 12th.
Frigid Husks in the Fractured Peaks

Savage Blightfiends aim to disrupt any cheer the denizens of Fractured Peaks have managed to scrounge for themselves. From December 5–December 21, cull the cursed fiends and stay vigilant in case you receive an untimely visit from the Red Cloaked Horror. Restore the Midwinter Square and protect festive goodtidings!

Further details for Midwinter Blight will be revealed in an upcoming article.

  • That area will be enveloped by a storm and a deep winter Darkness.
  • The lead NPC for the Midwinter Blight will be a wandering bard named Gileon, who the player will meet in Kyovashad, in the square (formerly occupied by Cormond’s work bench in Season 1) located just to the west of the waypoint.
  • The square will be decorated appropriately for the season and will feature the Totem of Midwinter.
  • Players will battle against “sinister snowmen” called Frigid Husks (Frosty the Goatmen).
  • The Blightfiends will have new ways of attacking players and harrassing the local population, and are also in the service of their leader, a Khazra boss called the Red Cloaked Horror.
  • Defeating enemies and completing area events can summon the new boss.


  • Players will engage these enemies in new events that will yield special resources, which will allow players to progress through the journey.
  • There will also be several new seasonal cosmetic rewards.



Season 3

Arriving with our next Season in January, The Gauntlet will test your skills in the Seasonal Realm against fellow players in a set layout, non-linear Dungeon, where a potent combination of mastery and skills achieves high scores. Players will need to collect Proofs of Might to contribute to their overall score, which can be obtained from slaying Monsters and destroying items within the Gauntlet.


Weekly Leaderboards track scores between Hardcore, Normal characters, Party size, and Classes. The top players from each week’s Leaderboard will be displayed in a permanent Leaderboard called the Hall of the Ancients. With each week’s Leaderboard reset, so does the fixed layout of The Gauntlet! Refine your most trusted builds to emerge victorious.
  • More new and permanent endgame features will be added.
  • Leader Boards will be added via and a weekly WT4 challenge event called The Gauntlet.
  • The Gauntlent will consist of non-linear, time limited dungeons that sound very similar to the set dungeons in Diablo 3.
  • Players will pick up a new material called Proofs of Might during the Guantlet challenge that will contribute to the player’s score.
  • Loot will drop only after the end of the timer, so no need to pick up loot during the challenge.
  • The Dungeon will change weekly along with a leader board reset.
  • There will be Solo and Hardcore leader boards for each class as well a Party leader boards.

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  • The very best players from each week will have their IGNs premanently recorded in the Hall of Ancients.
  • Any player in WT4 can participate in and progress through the Gauntlet challenge, to then rank on the leader boards.

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Will more sources of Living Steel be added to the game?
– The Devs will be making improvements in the near future.

Will the Expansion feature a group finder or global chat?
– The Social team is aware of this need and is working on adding new tools prior to the expansion.

What are the plans for Itemization going forward?
– The team is diligently working on this issue, especially for making it easier to compare items, making it easier to measure the improvment gained with better equipment, and providing more ways to modify items.

What are the plans for adjusting the number of aspects in the game?
– All Aspects will be moving from the Inventory into the Codex of Power, however this will require more time to develop and could be added following Season 3.

Watch the campfire chat

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