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Hang on to your cow level stuff says Shely

Shely is playing games with us now.

Hang on to your cow level stuff says Shely

While the community is busy farming cows to gain access to a supposed secret cow level, Joe Shely does not want to give up the secret.

Speaking to Rhykker at BlizzCon this evening, Shely would not divulge any more secrets about the cow level but praised the community for their perseverance in killing cows and trying to figure out this puzzle.

It’s pretty much been decided that there’s nothing more to do once you have gained the three relics and killed the cows in the Forlorn Hovel to get the stamina potion. However, there is something to this mystery with Shely adding:

Certainly I don’t know anything about it, it’s really kinda confusing to me. But even if I did know, I would say it’s been incredible to see the stamina of players killing so many cows randomly in the world for no reason. The amount of effort folks have been going through, I would just hang onto anything they get out of that.

OK so as Joe says, there may be nothing there now but that Stamina potion is going to do something eventually. That is of course if there IS a cow level. Imagine if this went nowhere, I think there would be a community riot.


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