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Clarification on Season 1 Runewords not moving to non-ladder

Season 1 Runewords

With Season 2 having just kicked off, the question of what happens now to Season 1 runewords.

It was thought that once Season 2 started, the new Season 1 runewords would be moving to non-ladder with immediate effect. This is not the case according to a post this evening by Blizzard.

Season 1 Runewords Confusion

Yep – I’m aware of this. I did inquire on what the intent was here and they had mentioned they were planning on moving these to NL when new runewords appear in a new season. New runewords didn’t land in S2 so they are keeping them exclusive to Ladder for this season until new ones are introduced and they will then push them into NL play.

So what this means is that unless new runewords are added in a new season, the old runewords will not automatically move over for non-ladder players. It seems that the ladder runewords will only be available in non-ladder games when new runewords are added.

While this may be disappointing for non-ladder players looking to incorporate new runewords into their game, this confusion has come about by some ambiguous messaging when the new runewords were announced.

No Promises

During the original new runewords reveal when asked if new runewords would appear for every new season, they added:

“Every” is a strong word you are committing us to. Trickling them out over several seasons is kind of …

It was therefore not clear on what would be happening when Season 1 ended, and because we now have Sunder Charms instead of new runewords, there is nothing to move to non-ladder.

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