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2.5 Hotfixes – Sunder Charm drop rate and traps fixed


Despite PTR testing a few things slipped through the net when patch 2.5 went live. A couple of Hotfixes have been pushed out to address the following issues.

First of all, Sunder Charms were dropping all over the place for horking Barbs. This was subsequently fixed after a few hours but not before people had picked up plenty of them

Once that was fixed and the drops were Sunder Charms sorted out, the changes caused another issue, this time with Assasin traps. The traps were not getting the benefit of the charms, which was an issue prior to Season 2 launching.

After some fixes on Blizard’s side, it appears both issues have now been resolved.

It is a backend hotfix. This only affected Assassin’s Lightning Traps. All other pets and summons and traps were working with the Sundering Charms.

As we aren’t rebooting servers, this may require a game restart to see changes take effect.

Great to see stuff being fixed quickly, but when it comes to ladder season testing, this stuff should really be getting picked up on the PTR. Of course, when the final version rolls out, sometimes things have been changed again by Blizzard and no amount of PTR testing is going to catch these and hotfixes are needed.

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