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Quicker Wrathful Hearts farming

Season 1 Season of the Malignant wrathful hearts

No doubt you’ve been dashing around the Malignant Tunnels looking for Wrathful Hearts, you know, the actual really good Hearts. Well, you can try a couple of things to speed up the process.

First up is what is more likely a bug than anything else, undertake the final part of the Season quest line (The Cold Hard Truth), and instead of turning the quest in, re-run it. If you have completed the questline you can’t do it again, but if you have a friend who is about to do it, get them to invite you in and then grab another Wrathful Heart.

The other method is to keep re-running a Malignant Tunnel over and over, preferably one with an easy layout, As you dash through, check the Elites and Boss to see if they are Wrathful or not, If you don’t come across any, then reset the dungeon and off you go again.

If this is done with friends, you can have a group of four running dungeons and when one is found, the other can leave what they are doing and join their friend in the tunnel where they have found Wrathful mobs. This will take longer doing it solo but it’s a slightly quicker way if you are only interested in only finding Wrathful Hearts.

Players are continually finding little tricks like these to speed up the farming process but I can see how tackling the game in this way removes some of the enjoyment from the overall experience. That in itself is a different topic that I may tackle in a future update because there’s a real problem Blizzard is going to need to tackle to satiate some of the player base.

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