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More Midwinter Blight Details

Midwinter Blight Shot

Next week Midwinter Blight kicks off in Sanctuary and we now have a few more details on what to expect.

In a new video released this evening, some more specifics on what rewards and events will appear during the event. Three resources need to be farmed to gain access rewards such as gold, armor, and a new elixir called Gileon’s Brew which is great if you’re looking for a 15% XP increase instead of the usual 5% granted by elixirs.

A new Aspect called Shard of Dawn can also be farmed and it increases Attack Speed and Movement Speed for 12 seconds. Also, when empowered by the Midwinter Ward, killing an enemy reduces the cooldown by one second.

More details on all this can be found on the Diablo 4 Wiki Midwinter Blight page and there’s also this video to enjoy.

Watch the Midwinter Blight Video

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