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Diablo 4 Midwinter Blight Review

Midwinter Blight is a fun and easy way to enjoy some holiday fear.

Frigid Husks
Frigid Husks


Season’s Bleatings to one and all and may your days be filled with lots of holiday fear. The Midwinter Blight has descended upon the Fractured Peaks and it is our job to ensure that this infestive time of year receives all of the heartfelt attention it deserves. The information below is a provided as a supplement to our recent Diablo 4 Wiki Midwinter Blight guide.

Holiday Tradition

Following the demise of Inarius, some of the inhabitants of this region have decided to distance themselves from the Cathedral of Light and return to their cultural roots, which includes seasonal rituals and observances. We first meet Gileon, a traveling bard who has set up his shop in the Midwinter Square in downtown Kyovashad. Gileon was born in Hawezar but discovered his muse in the Fractured Peaks, which he now calls his home. He’s here in town to help raise the spirits of the locals by bringing them together with music and dance so that they may endure the darkest and bleakest part of their winter season.


Midwinter Monsters

Players are tasked with defeating Blightfiends, who have come down from the mountains to construct totems that are decorated with the lost heirlooms from the local inhabitants. This system works essentially the same as Helltides, except that Blighted Fragments drop instead of Aberrant Cinders. Players can simply wander throughout the region and attack mobs, or fast travel to area events marked with orange circles, as usual. No special character classes or builds are required to participate in this event.

Collect multiple Blighted Fragments by killing mobs and collect multiple Lost Heirlooms by destroying Frigid Husks, which spawn in random locations. After achieving a mastery of the Blighted Revelry Events, which also spawn in random locations, the player will have a chance to defeat the Red-Cloaked Horror and collect Red-Cloaked Trophies.

Don’t forget to rescue any Frostbitten Villagers you find along the way to receive even more loot. However, Cellars in the region do not reward Blighted Fragments.


Midwinter Proofs
Midwinter Proof Exchange

Proof Exchange

The Midwinter Proof Exchange is located at the Collections Table in Midwinter Square. The exchange rate for one Midwinter Proof is 300 Blighted Fragments, or 30 Lost Heirlooms, or 1 Red-Cloaked Trophy.








Midwinter Shop
Midwinter Shop

Holiday Shop

Speak with Gileon to access his special holiday shop. Midwinter Proofs can be used to purchase a variety of Seasonal cosmetics, which range in price from 20 to 50 Proofs each. The total cost of all items, including the Shard of Dawn Aspect, in the shop is 450 Proofs, which would require the equivalent of 135,000 Blighted Fragments worth of farming, so there’s no time to lose!

Players can also use Proofs to purchase unlimited quantities of consumables, including the Gileon’s Brew potion, which will remain in player inventories even after the end of Season 2, so stock up now! This should keep us fairly busy through the New Year and it won’t be anywhere near as painful and frustrating as the Abattoir of Zir.






Midwinter Tribute Tiers
Midwinter Tribute

Midwinter Tribute

This system functions in an identical manner to the Hunter’s Acclaim activity for the Season of Blood. Level up your Midwinter Trubute score by killing everything in sight in the Fractured Peaks between now and January 2nd. As players progress through the three tiers they will receive extra rewards, including the Midwinter Ward.









This event is far more time-consuming than it is challenging. However, it is a simple and easy way to spend some time collecting time-limited cosmetics for those of us who are into that. In any case, enjoy this first holiday-themed event for Diablo 4, and let us know whether you had fun with it and if you’d like to see more of these events in the future.


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