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Gauntlet Maps Guide

Find where everything is on the Gauntlet maps to help in your challenge.

The Gauntlet is now underway and players are sliding up and down the new leaderboards. It’s not easy tackling these until you hit the 100 mark although I’m sure a few brave souls will be attempting the Gauntlet maps.

If you’re just jumping in for the first time, then there will be different routes to take to maximise your score, and finding that route is half the battle. To help you out, here’s a map of this week’s Gauntlet pinpointing all the key locations such as bosses, shrines, keys, elites, and chests.

We’ll be tracking these each week and collecting all the Gaunlet maps with their markers. These will be stored in the Diablo 4 Wiki Guides section where you can find the current map for this week and all previous maps in the future. Keep a note of that page if you want to see what each week entails or look back at previous maps to see how this new feature develops.

So let’s get started with week one’s map.

Gauntlet Maps – Week 1

Gauntlet Map Week 1


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