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Patch 1.3.3a Released

Patch Patch 1.3.3a sorts out filtering issues with the Gauntlet.


Patch 1.3.3a Released

A small patch this afternoon, patch 1.3.3a, addresses a few issues with the Gaunlet following the release of patch on Tuesday.

Patch 1.3.3a Notes

  • Fixed an issue on PlayStation™ where first-time player experiences triggered whenever a player visited the Diablo IV title screen.


  • Fixed an issue where filtering the Solo Leaderboard by Friends could accidentally provide no results.
  • Fixed an issue where filtering the leaderboard by Friends or Clans could lead to only one entry.
  • Fixed an issue where players could not scroll through all pages of the Leaderboard.


  • Fixed various crashes that occurred when players inspected another player’s profile on the Gauntlet Leaderboard

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