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The Gauntlet

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The Gauntlet was announced at Blizzcon 2023 [1] and introduced into Diablo 4 with Season 3. It launched on 5 March 2024 as part of the mid-season update.

What is the Gauntlet?

The Gaunlet is a special Dungeon which is only available on Seasonal Realms and run for the duration of every Season.

The Gauntlet
The Gauntlet

The Dungeons are non-linear, time-limited dungeons with the same layout, same affixes, and monster position. Monsters start at level 100 but bosses are level 124.

Any player in World Tier 4 (Torment) can participate in and progress through the Gauntlet challenge, to then rank on the leader boards.

While running The Gauntlet, players will pick up a new material called Proofs of Might during the Gauntlet challenge that will contribute to the player’s score. This applies to every monster including the trash mobs.

When the timer runs out after 8 minutes loot will drop so there is no need to pick up loot during the challenge.

Note that on enetering The Gaunlet, players are unable to change their character’s Gear, Skill Tree, or Paragon Boards during a Gauntlet run. Choose your gear wisely.

Although gear cannot be changed, players can use consumables inside the Gauntlet.

Each week, a new Gaunlet dungeon replaces the current dungeon and the leaderboards are reset. In order to rank highly, speed, utility, and strategy are the most improtant factors.

The very best players from each week, assuming they have scored high enough, will have their IGNs permanently recorded in the Hall of the Ancients

At the conclusion of every Gauntlet run, the player are presented with a Trial Complete announcement that displays the player’s scrore, rank, and any associated rewards.

Where is The Gaunlet?

Gauntlet Location
Gauntlet Location

Players need to head to Gea Kul (see map) and look for end of the pier at the docks.

When should you enter The Gaunlet?

Players can enter the Gauntlet at any character level in World Tier 4. However, it will be incredibly tough to take on the challenge at levels under 100.

Monster levels seen in videos show they are level 124 so as long as you think you can handle that, then take part by all means.


Each week the Gauntlet changes to a new map which will need to be studdied to find the optinal route. The current map and previous maps can be found on the Gauntlet Maps page.


In The Gaunlet, there are new shrines specifically designed to enhance the experience.

A defeated boss in The Gauntlet does not drop loot, instead, it will spawn a Shrine which can be used as a power-up.

These can be regular shrines such as an Artillary Shrine and they will drop the same Shrine each time for consistancy.

There are normal shrines found within The Gauntlet and will always be in the same location.

Choosing an optimal path through each Gauntlet to maximise on shrine effects is part of the strategy in tacking The Gauntlet.

Pillar of Proving

Pillar of Proving
Pillar of Proving

Shrines such as the Pillar of Proving respawn all the enemies so you can kite a Boss or large groups of monsters to the Pillar, kill them, tap the Pillar and kill them again to further boost your score.

Note that the Pillar of Proving respawns monsters on the entire map.

The Pillar of Proving also provides additional Proofs of Might from enemies and chests.

Pillar of Glory

Pillar of Glory
Pillar of Glory

The Pillar of Glory which gives you a multiplier on your score. You can also gather keys in the Gauntlet that open chests dotted around the Gauntlet which add to your score.

Who benefits from activation?

Pillar of Glory - This is activated per player and only increases the amount of proofs you earn as a player. If you use it, your teammate can still use 'theirs'.

Pillar of Proving - If this is activated by a player, someone else in the same group can't activate the same one as it works map-wide.

Iron Keys

Inside The Gaunlet players will need to collect Iron Keys from monsters which are then used to open the small and large chests found inside The Gauntet. The number of keys you have is shown in the HUD.

Opening a chest will increase the player's score.


Players scores earn them Seals which are as follows:

  • Seal of the Blooded
  • Seal of the Steadfast
  • Seal of the Iron-Willed
  • Seal of the Worthy

Seal of the Worthy is the most coveted. See Leaderboards for more on Seals.

Rewards inside The Gauntlet

Players who participate in The Gauntlet will earn a minor cache on each run.

As the Gaunlet resets at the end of the week, and depending on your score, players earn a Caches of Trials. The higher the score you have, the better the better the Cache. Earning a Cache of Trials guarantees one Ancestral Legendary, and scales in rank with the Cache awarded.

Earning the Seal of the Worthy will grant the most coveted treasures as they are guaranteed to drop items with level 925 power.

Earning a Seal of a higher rank still grants you the rewards of a lower Seal, with the Seal of the Worthy granting you all Seal Caches available for that week. You can also earn multiple Seals for the multiple Gauntlet ladders that are available.

When is the Gauntlet Reset?

The Gaunlet dungeons will reset every Tuesday at 8 AM Pacific Time. There will then be a short break and the next new Gauntlet will start at 10:15 AM Pacific Time on the same day.

Are there run limitations per week?

No, players can run The Gauntlet with no restrictions.

Are Sigils required to run The Gauntlet?

No they are not required.

Will you be able to inspect builds of Gauntlet players?

Yes, it will be possible to see what builds the top players have equipped at the moment when their builds are inspected.