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What are Diablo Leaderboards

Leaderboards were announced at Blizzcon 2023 [1] and introduced to Diablo 4 with Season 3.

Weekly Leaderboards track scores between Hardcore, Normal characters, Party size, and Classes. The top players from each week’s Leaderboard will be displayed in a permanent Leaderboard called the Hall of the Ancients. With each week’s Leaderboard reset, so does the fixed layout of The Gauntlet! Refine your most trusted builds to emerge victorious.

What do Leaderboards Track?

Leaderboards track the weekly Gauntlet Dungeons which are reset every week. These dungeons have the same layout, monsters, monster positioning, and affixes for the week.

The Leaderboards track the top 1,000 players every week.

Leaderboard Ranks
Leaderboard Ranks

What Types of Leaderboards are there?

Leaderboards track a variety of play types. These include:

  • Five solo classes - For Softcore and Hardcore
  • Overall of all solo classes - Softcore and Hardcore
  • 2 person team
  • 3 person team
  • 4 person team
  • All Platforms
  • PC/Xbox/PS
  • Friends
  • Clan Members


Leaderboards also include filters for Friends and by Clan. With these filters, players can see how they compare to their friends or clan to see who is dominating.

What is the Leaderboard Ladder?

Each leaderboard is a ladder that players will climb and each rung of that ladder rewards a Seal.

When players earn the Seal of the Worthy they are deemed ready for competition in that higher tier of Seals. These are the very top players.

The four Seals are:

  • Seal of the Blooded
  • Seal of the Steadfast
  • Seal of the Iron-Willed
  • Seal of the Worthy

Seal of the Worthy is the top Seal.

Scores needed to acquire a Seal will vary week by week depending on the layout of The Gauntlet and class you are playing.

These scores scale with Party size. Larger groups will have an easier time earning a higher score than solo players and will be tracked in their separate Ladder Leaderboard.

Seal of the Worthy
Seal of the Worthy

Will you be able to inspect builds of Gauntlet players?

Yes, it will be possible to see what builds the top players have equipped at the moment when their builds are inspected.


Any player who manages to secure a place in the Top 100 of any Ladder will also earn a Conqueror’s Crest Mount Trophy.

Players in the top 10 will have their name and character immortalized in the permanent Hall of the Ancients.