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Progress and Endgame – Diablo Podcast / Vidcast Ep33

After a few weeks of the game being out, the guys talk about their progress, the endgame, seasons and much more.


In this week’s Diablo Podcast / Vidcast, the dynamic duo of HCXanth and Nerdwards sit down to talk about the recent campfire chat and their overall progress.

The endgame is also a hot topic in this episode, whether it be Nightmare Dungeons, Uber Lilith, The Butcher which Nerdwards simply loves. The guys also look ahead to Season 1 and share their hopes for Seasons in the future.

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Running Order

00:00:00 Introductions and progress so far.
00:14:19 The campfire chat, Season Pass confusion, Altars etc
00:23:30 Thoughts on Dungeons.
00:33:28 Back to the campfire chat and Season 1.
00:38:40 Progress being made by players in general/endgame disccusion.
00:54:40 Nightmare dungeon bosses, the annoying Butcher, impossible drops.
01:01:36 More takeaways from the campfire chat.
01:07:30 To buff or not to buff and Season 1 expectations.

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