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Diablo 4 sale now on – D2R on sale too

Diablo 4 sale now on in the US and EU stored with up to 25% off.

Diablo 4 now on sale

Well, I didn’t see this happening quite so soon after release so make of it what you will. There’s a Diablo 4 sale now on in the EU and US stores.

Diablo 4 has come up against some stiff competition this year and it’s a about to get tougher with the release of Starfield as every publisher is vying for your dollars in what has been a solid year for releases. With all that in mind, Blizzard has dropped a sale that offers up to 25% off depending on which edition you want.

There’s 25% off the Ultimate Edition, 20% off the Digial Deluxe Edition, and 22% off the standard edition. If I was coming in new to the game I would simply opt for the Standard Edition. We still don’t quite know where the game is heading and it could be some time until that becomes clear.

These cheaper versions can be picked up now in the EU store or the US store.

In related sale news, D2R is also on sale so it’s a big Diablo sale blowout. You can check the reduced D2R prices in the store where it’s 67% off and in my opinion a compete bargain.

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