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Diablo 4 annual expansions confirmed

It looks like we’re going to be treated to new Diablo content every year.

Diablo 4 annual expansions confirmed

We know all about the quarterly seasons but Blizzard has been cagey on mentioning expansions and a timeframe for their release. However, it sounds like Diablo 4 annual expansions could be coming.

In an interview with Dextero, Rod Fergusson talks about the game content including seasons but goes further by saying they are planning annual expansions for the game.#

Diablo 4 annual expansions Comment

But, you know, it’s years and years. That’s the thing we’re focused on. When you look at the launch of the game and this first season, we see that as building a foundation on which we can build for the future. So, as we look at our quarterly seasons, and we look at our annual expansions, those are the things that we’re really focused on for our live service.

Quicker than expected?

This actually quicker than I expected to see Diablo 4 expansions based on what has come before for Diablo. Reaper of Souls was a couple of years after the release of Diablo 3 and it basically fixed the game. Diablo 2 LoD took a year but that is a different kind of game entirely. Diablo 4 has a greater scope long-term based on the game world and the fact it’s a live service.

It is good news if they do commit to this expansion timeframe and the next few Seasons should help us understand better where the game is heading longer term. There’s still a lot of work to do with Diablo 4, the player numbers will have dropped off significantly since launch due to a poor endgame.

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